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client inquiry

400 meihua business inquiry service counter, sincerely welcome you!

we are honored to service for you

for any issues about the product and business, please contact us through 400 inquiry service counter. we can provide you with full intimate service for our entire serial products, including consulting, ordering, complaint and other pre-sales selling and after sale full service.

cooperate with meihua, pursue and share success. we never hesitate to waiting for your contact.


consulting product: entire serial products including food additives, feed additives, drug materials & adjuvant, biological polysaccharide, capsule, etc.

servicing time :( from monday to friday) am.9:00 -12:00, pm. 13:00 - 17:00; normally rest in weekends and national statutory holidays. 

you can also contact with us by ems.

postal address: received by office of meihua group marketing center, no 66 huaxiang road langfang city hebei province.

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focusing on biotechnology, building and sharing better future

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meihua holdings group co., ltd.

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