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pharmaceutical amino acids

  • l-glutamine


    glutamate is an amide, mammalian non essential amino acids in the body can be changed from glucose, can be used for the ...

  • l-leucine


    belong to branched chain amino acids, biological body can only be obtained by the diet, can be used as a nutritional sup...

  • l-isoleucine


    also called "isoleucin", is one of the essential amino acids, is a kind of aliphatic neutral amino acids. with...

  • l-valine


    is human eight kinds of essential amino acids of, belongs to the branched chain amino acid, isoleucine and leucine and w...

  • bcaa


    bcaa,three kinds of common amino acid in protein are leucine, valine and isoleucine that are collectively referred to as...

  • l-proline


    is one of the important amino acids for body protein synthesis and is an important raw material for amino acid infusion,...

  • inosine


    this drug is normal constituents of human body, is the precursor of adenine; it can directly penetrate cell membrane and...

  • vernine


    purine nucleoside substance a, white crystalline powder, is an important intermediate for the food and pharmaceutical pr...

  • adenosine


    it is a kind of endogenous nucleoside, which can directly enter into the cardiac muscle and produce adenosine, and parti...

  • pulullan


    is a kind of natural water soluble polysaccharide, has good film forming property, used in capsule forming agent, thicke...

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