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its scientific name is “α - amino-β- methylvaleric acid”. it is a kind of human essential amino acid. its chemical formula is: ch3ch2ch(ch3)ch(nh2)cooh with molecular weight 131.17. it appears rhombus foliated or tabular crystal, bitter in taste. melting point: 284 ℃. it is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol. 

basic information

english name:isoleucine,ile

its chemical formula is: ch3ch2ch(ch3)ch(nh2)cooh


pesticide effect

the effects of isoleucine include muscle repair with leucine and valine, controlling blood glucose, and providing body tissue with energy. it also improves the output of growth hormone and help to burn the visceral fat. this fat is within body interior and can’t be effectively digested only through diet and exercise. 

the best food sources for isoleucine include brown rice, beans, meat, nut, soybean meal and whole meal. since it is a kind of essential amino acid, it means that it can’t be formed in human body and only obtained from diet. 

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