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basic information

english name:l-threonine

molecular formula: c4h9no3    molecular weight: 119.12    cas no:72-19-5

mdl no:mfcd00064270    einecs no:200-774-1    rtecs no:xo8590000

brn no:1721646    pubchem no:24900544


main application

1.it’s mainly used as a dietary supplement. 

2.applied in fodder nutrient supplements, threonine is a kind of essential amino acid. threonine is usually added in the fodder for piglet and poultry. it is the second limiting amino acid in swine feed and the third limiting amino in poultry feed. it’s added in the fodder with base of wheat, barley and other cereal.

3.used as nutritional supplement, and also be supplied in preparation of amino acid transfusion and comprehensive amino acid agent. 

4.it is applied in adjuvant therapy of peptic ulcer and also applied in curing of anemia, angina, aortitis, cardiac insufficiency and other diseases of cardiovascular system. 

threonine acts very critical physiological action in animal body, such as promoting growing, improving immune function; balancing amino acid in daily ration and making the amino acid proportion close to ideal protein so that it can reduce the beasts and birds’ demand for protein level in fodder. lacking of threonine may cause reducing of food consumption, growth suffocated, reducing of feed utilization efficiency and restraining of immune function. since in recent years, the synthetics of lysine, methionine has widely applied in the fodder, threonine has gradually become a restrictive factor for influencing the animal production performance. further researches for threonine contribute to effective guiding of beasts and birds production. 

with bioengineering theory, l-threonine is a kind of feed supplement produced through submerged fermentation and refining of corn starch and other material. threonine (l-threonine) is a kind of very critical amino acid which can’t be formed in animal body. it can adjust amino acid balance in fodder, promote growth, and improve nutritive value of feedstuff with low amino acid true nutritive value. it also can be used to produce low protein feed, promote growth, improve meat quality, reduce feed material cost, and reduce the nitrogen content of excrements and urine of livestock, ammonia concentration and release rate in animal building. it’s widely added in piglet feed, breeding swine feed, broiler feed, prawn feed and sea eel feed. 

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