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our company exports the xanthan gum of the united states win zero tariff come to a stop overseas markets


(beijing time) on may 18, 2015, the u.s. department of commerce international trade commission announced on the website about 2013 countervailing duties against chinese exports the xanthan gum's final decision, ruling of the meihua biological xanthan gum product exports to the us to impose 0% of anti-dumping duties. at this point, the meihua biological lasted more than a year of xanthan gum we won a great victory in the anti-dumping case related work, unprecedented zero tariff to china xanthan gum industry obtained the absolute competitive advantage in the market.

mention xanthan gum, a lot of people did not know, but if we, fruit juice, yogurt and other liquid milk and other delicious drinks, food, many have added a kind of natural, green, non-toxic harmless food gum, xanthan gum, made the drinks, food, uniformity, pure thick, many people will suddenly realize: so that's it.

xanthan gum is such as corn as raw material, through fermentation production of macromolecular polysaccharide polymer, which can be widely used as thickener, emulsifier, suspending agent, stabilizer, is internationally recognized as the most superior performance so far the biosynthesis of glue. food grade xanthan gum is widely used in food, beverage, dairy products and other fields. in 1969, the united states food and drug administration (fda) approval of xanthan gum in food; in 1983, the united nations food and agriculture organization (fao) and the world health organization (who) approval of xanthan gum as a food additive.

with the development of the times change, beverage, dairy products and other food industry made great progress. as a natural, healthy, and superior performance of food additives, the application of xanthan gum in food industry is more and more popular and widely. more and more domestic and foreign manufacturers have also seen the huge business opportunities brought by the market, join in the battle for the xanthan gum market one after another.

in it, whether of xanthan gum products in china enterprise control, quality control, or in the ehs system, the internationalization of product standards, even to the enterprise culture, the humanistic care, etc., have been almost harsh foreign customer recognition, have sufficient international competitiveness, and even get rehmannia collagen producers caused a certain influence. therefore, in recent years, foreign manufacturers v. china products litigation have been dumping or subsidies.

on june 5, 2012, cp kelco us companies in the united states on behalf of the american xanthan gum industry apply to the u.s. commerce department and the united states international trade commission, requirements for xanthan gum from china and austria products launched anti-dumping investigation, improve export tariffs, to protect their own industry of xanthan gum.

in july 2013, the u.s. department of commerce xanthan gum anti-dumping arbitration promulgated after the final rate, domestic best rate is 12.9% xanthan gum production enterprises, other enterprises general rate is 154.07%.

our company rely on fermentation industry chain advantages, combined with strong momentum for the development of the xanthan gum market in recent years, as well as rich product line, the development of new products internationally competitive fist, after nearly a year of preparation, in the second half of 2013, the plum flower biological xanthan gum formally put into production, excellent quality, reasonable price, considerate service, obtained the affirmation and recognition of many customers. company established a perfect enterprise management system, has passed iso9001, iso22000, iso14001, ohsas18001, kosher, halal, brc and other international certification series. at the same time, set up perfect sales team, complete national network layout, actively cultivate can cover the global sales and service capabilities, is committed to become the symbol of quality and reputation.

everything is ready, only owe the east wind. good enterprise practice itself is not enough, if we want to further expand overseas european and american market, try to get their lucrative export policy, to create space for conquering markets abroad. as a result, my company in the production of xanthan gum products soon, is active in 2013's decision to the u.s. department of commerce to apply for review.

to this end, the company fully prepared, vigorously, marketing, finance, production, procurement and other relevant departments and personnel involved in all the way, forming a powerful organization, command powerful professional response system. from the questionnaire survey, to inspect, defense, the hearing to the site, after nearly a year and a half time, significant victory at last. the u.s. department of commerce international trade commission to make a final decision, deem:

meihua group international trading (hong kong) limited、langfang meihua biological sci-tech co.,ltd、xinjiang meihua amino acid co., ltd.(all for the company a wholly owned subsidiary, hereinafter generally referred to as the plum blossom group,) didn't sell below the normal price of the product, no dumping xanthan gum products, so for the meihua group a 0% xanthan gum products exports to the us anti-dumping duties.

with our company in the field of xanthan gum the rapid expansion of production capacity, the meihua has become the important xanthan gum supply enterprises in china. the excellent result of zero tariff to obtain export the united states, there is no doubt for the meihua biological overseas market offers huge imaginary space, considered as one of the world's most important markets in the united states, to the meihua in the current product structure and to calculate the profit level, the american market for the meihua biological profit contribution performance greatly improved, as china's export trade of the entire xanthan gum industry a bright spot, to expand the national enterprises in overseas market layout and improve the international influence, will play a very active role.

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