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china science and technology network: resistance to poison capsule plum blossom pullulan plant polysaccharide capsule to win market opportunities

on september 2, zhejiang ninghai informed the attorney of illicit production of "poison capsule" cases, in just 5 months, foreign sales of the number is as high as 90 million capsules, causing public outcry. hebei poison capsule event this april 15, 2012, cctv reported after only two years. within such a short period of time, poison capsule how reappearance, again because the waves?

recently various reports on the network are ink book the terrible harm of drug capsules, accusing the poison capsule producer moral decay, murder, drug regulators frequent vulnerability, malpractice, not for, unanimously called for the bottom, and punished. however, after initially shocked outrage, the heart still on tenterhooks, capsule-type drugs was eating or not eating, still frustrating.

apart from the loopholes in the regulatory system of greed and producer, current profits of domestic capsule market disorder and a broad market space for criminals exploit. what, then, is there another better capsules can be health and safety, the future can even completely replace gelatin capsules, so that consumers feel safe to eat it?, it's capsules, this broad source of raw materials, technologically mature, suitable for mass production, is of pullulan polysaccharide capsules.

pullulan polysaccharide capsules made of natural, health and safety

as we all know, animal gelatin capsules with animal skin and bones as raw material, fermentation by chemical reaction. gelatin capsule consists mainly of collagen, easy capsule disintegration time, dissolution decrease. in addition, the recent epidemic of mad cow disease, avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and other animal diseases to some extent also increases the risk of gelatin capsules. capsules made of leather which we often call "poison capsule," cr exceed dozens of times and will do great harm to the human body.

in contrast, pullulan polysaccharide capsules of raw materials, it is the natural water soluble polysaccharides, fermentation of starchy food such as corn as a raw material, and is a source of soluble fiber, release the drug relatively stable, not like gelatin capsules that easily react with fillers, it is difficult to dissolve. and pullulan production process can also quickly cured film, not fall, not bonded, barrier strong, easily soluble in water, harmless, colorless and odorless. on may 19, 2006, the national ministry of health issued a bulletin 8th, pullulan released one of the four types of food additives.

pullulan polysaccharide capsules using a wide range of applied strong

pullulan polysaccharides of the raw material comes from the pure food rich in starch fermentation, does not contain any animal features, so will not be muslim, jewish and the limitation of the vegetarian society, thus made of pullulan polysaccharides plant capsule has become a domestic green carrier of medicines and health products exported to various countries, it also complied with today's advocate natural consumption idea, so it can be widely used in food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics and other industries.

in addition, the plant of pullulan polysaccharides capsules are more applicability of traditional chinese medicine in china, can significantly improve chinese medicine use effect. because of the traditional chinese medicine extract generally has strong moisture absorption, easy to absorb the moisture in gelatin capsules, lead to capsule contents to agglomerate, capsule shell harden, brittle broken. and pullulan plant polysaccharide capsule low moisture content (about 2-7%, about 15% gelatin capsule), very suitable for moisture absorption is strong and sensitive to water use of chinese medicine, at the same time, can avoid capsule brittle broken and may lead to powder leakage problem, greatly guarantee the drug efficacy, also can solve the problem of drug transport and storage.

pullulan polysaccharide capsules is not the scale of production and prospects

at present, the capsules are gelatin capsules used in the market, the national annual output of about 50 billion capsules, which accounted for 42% of the market demand, qualified capsule is far from meeting market requirements. pullulan polysaccharide capsules because of the high technical requirements and cost of inputs, as well as giant monopolies, price, has also become its scale of production constraints. pullulan polysaccharide capsules currently produces larger only united states a handful of pharmaceutical companies such as pfizer, product is very popular, there were a large number of domestic listings.

recently, this reporter contacted a plants are beginning to try large-scale production of pullulan polysaccharide capsule manufacturers, but also the industry leader in amino acid--meihua biological technology group company limited, the company had begun as early as 2012 end of the layout, use of its bio-fermentation technology, succeed in the pullulan production technology breakthroughs, investment and construction of pullulan production line. in march this year, meihua group shots, enterprise wide acquisitions of domestic capsule medicine, the full expansion of plant capsule business. the company one pullulan polysaccharide plant capsule project manager introduced: "we of pullulan polysaccharide has conquer has technology through, next will as soon as possible achieved to plant capsule this a eventually products of scale into; while, we also will to market launched ratio good of pullulan polysaccharide rubber, for other capsule enterprise can fast production out qualified of plant capsule provides exclusive solution program, also let ' poison capsule ' no place. one can imagine meihua pullulan polysaccharide capsules will become the most potential profit growth. ”

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