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china's food safety net: meihua trehalose appeared in fic international exhibition

fic in shanghai held a few days before the 2015 international food additives and ingredients exhibition, meihua group of trehalose was formally unveiled in front of the world, bringing unexpected surprises to businesses and users.

this fic shows trehalose customer received a total of about 500, 40% of whom are merchants, 40% end-customers, and 20% research and development institutions. especially with professional discourse among development agencies for meihua trehalose have said sure.

meihua manufacturing group has been working to get down to do, no cards no sword, sword has real stuff, trehalose can shine fic in the international runways, presumably had done adequate preparation.

meihua amino acid industry as a leader of the group, this time in the fic on the exhibition to show their talents and aggressive exposure of large exhibition stand, booth design, with red-and-white minimalist style, impressed people, coupled with the large professional exhibition team rangers and beauty, the debut showing of trehalose in the fic, extraordinary momentum.

trehalose has obvious effects and outstanding performance on starch aging resistance, preventing protein denaturation and inhibition of lipolysis, water retention. bread west point joined will more delicious, also can long time keep water extended shelf period, rice products in the can inhibit starch aging, keep original flavor, in 2014china has listed it as general food, just given price and supply problem has been didn't can was domestic of food processing enterprise full using, currently in with of also just few added, believes with people health concept of change and seaweed sugar in domestic of universal, will became future people sought after of health sugar products.

trehalose is what scientists call "sugar of life", at present there is only japan can produce, has been monopolized, high price, availability, resulting in some customers reach, such a good product development for nearly 20 years, china had only about 3000 tons of market, while in the small population of japan has a capacity of 30,000 tons of marketing.

meihua group, a trehalose during product development projects starting in 2012, after small test, pilot, and production projects have been carried out, products is expected in june, put on the market. a few years ago, according to market data, this product grew at an annual rate of 30% in the country. with meihua technology upgrade, product costs lower, growth began to accelerate, 3-5 is expected in the next years, 230,000 tons of scale can be achieved.

due to the inherent advantages of the product, to come to consult an endless stream of customers, many traders think the agent of trehalose, many food processing companies place orders on the spot, they believe that cooperation with the club will be more secure.

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