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the meihua threonine ---- world's first through the eu safety assessment


on july 26, 2016, european commission (ec) promulgated regulation (eu) 2016/1220 and gave its approval to 6 enterprises in the world, including meihua group, whose threonine passed the european food safety authority (efsa) security assessment. it not only affirms meihua threonine but also has a positive influence in exporting meihua products to eu countries in the future.

meihua threonine has been leading the eu market for many years and passing the efsa safety assessment will make the leading position solider . 

the regulation also indicates the transition administration measures for threonine after the assessment:

threonine without being registered will no longer be imported for premix after may 16, 2017.

threonine without being registered will no longer be imported to be used in feed for food animals after aug 16, 2017.

threonine without being registered will no longer be imported to be used in feed for non- food animals after aug 16, 2018.

after the dates above, the enterprises which have not passed the efsa security assessment will not be able to export threonine to eu market until they pass it.

the european commission promulgated regulation (ec)1831/2003----the regulation on the administration of feed additives to strengthen the safety assessment of gm product strains. it indicates: “to protect human health, animal health and welfare, to protect environment, all kinds of feed additives must go through the procedures prescribed by the eu to evaluate its safety before being put on the market, used or processed”.

the eu market is of great importance for meihua group, so early preparation is necessary. the preparation work dates back to the year of 2010.

at the end of 2010, meihua group officially launched the preparation work for the efsa security assessment in amino acid, threonine and tryptophan. the work in the aspects of the strains, technology, production process, quality control, stability, toxicity test and work safety was stated in detail. finally, informative experimental data persuaded the serious judges of the eu technical committee. meihua group was one of the 6 enterprises whose threonine first passed the efsa safety assessment in the world.

the news that meihua group first passed the efsa security assessment and the quality and safety of meihua biological products will consolidate its leading position in the global market. the international fame takes off and we feel prouder and more self-confident.

it provides a new market opportunity for meihua and it is also an opportunity to redraw the eu market because the enterprises which have not passed the efsa security assessment are kept out of the eu market.

years’ accumulation makes the big harvest. meihua has been adhering to the development strategy to increase research investment and strengthen the  transformation of scientific achievements. first passing the efsa security assessment is an key achievement of the "smile curve" strategy and it makes us pay more attention to research.

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