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in march 2014, in order to achieve greater development, guangsheng company joined the meihua group. because the leadership emphasized on the development of science and technology, implements the advance of science and technology, realized full staff entrepreneurship, and determined the new goals of innovation and development. in september 2015, through review of experts organized by shanxi province science and technology agency, financial department, state tax bureau, shanxi province local taxation bureau, they unanimously recognized that shanxi guangsheng capsule co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in shanxi became a pride of the mountainous the same year, it also won eight national patent.

guangsheng company producedmore than 30 million capsules in 2015, with annual sales revenue 420 million yuan, profit tax 120 million yuan, and became the highestprofit and tax company in yushe county. becoming a high and new technology enterprise, is the honor of the company, and is also the affirmation of government for guangsheng’s work of science and technology in recent years. but this is just a the first step toward the long journey, the future road will be longer and the work target will be bigger, so the company decided to:

actively recruit high quality newly recruited 80 college staff in january 2016. after trainingand military training, they all were arranged into production line. in february,hired nearly hundred employees from returning migrant workers, college students with practical experience, reserved talents and reserved forces for the company.

company decided to use the existing workshop, built new capsule workshop, purchases 14 world-class automatic production lines, including 10 double-head production line, the other 4single head production lines, now were in the installation and debugging, plan to formally put them into production in may 2016.

take enteric capsules and plant capsule as the breakthrough point, make the product with wings to fly to the world, this year the production test marketing, strives to enter the international market, to speed up the pace of international company in the near future.

actively perform mass innovation and business. take science and technology as the first productivity, reward personnel who have outstanding contributions in science and technology with special reward.

after more than 30 years of development, shanxi guangsheng capsule co., ltd has become the first in asia, the world's third capsule enterprise, production is booming in recent years, the products in short supply, and has formed a new development situation against the current, is mainly implementsleading of science and technology, overall business, energy saving, compression of non-productive expenditure, increases scientific research funds, recruits technical personnel. at present, the company is striving torealize the annual output of 50 billion capsules, the output value of 1 billion yuan, 200 million yuan of taxes.

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