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on march 25, the six times china fermentation industry association council and a session of the standing council was held in beijing in a few days ago, six times the meeting analyzed the biological fermentation industry economy operation in 2014. the fermentation industry in our country run falling in 2014, the total output of main products for the whole 24.2 million tons, fell 0.4% year on year, the output value of about 280 billion yuan, flat year-on-year. in 2014, main products exports of 3.33 million tons, up 1.5% from 2013. overall economic situation grim, amino acid industry in the second half of 2014 many kinds of amino acids, enterprise production and economic benefit improved slightly.

in the subsequent 2015 symposium on amino acid and feed ingredients used in china, a number of industry experts and senior analyst of 2015 amino acid market pattern change and price trend are analyzed. at present, china has become the main supplier of the forage amino acid, has become a global amino acid market main supplier, affects the change of the global market. amino acids, capacity expansion of its record peak pattern change is complex, is a major cause of price volatility. if methionine market supply tight; consolidation period, lysine started in 2014 when cj and meihua market share significantly improve, top5 enterprises account for 80% of global share; threonine market expansion since 2009, productivity has doubled, the meihua share greatly increased.

2015 exchange rate changes and global raw material prices against chinese exports amino acids, different regions of the domestic market price is variable. lysine and threonine enterprise is expected to decline, but the overall capacity utilization is low, the price does not have rallied sharply; tryptophan demand rapid growth, prices are likely to rally crash; methionine supply in the second half of 2015 is expected to grow. in short, looking for a market new balance, the price volatility is still the world within the scope of supply of amino acids to balance the main melody.

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