china network: trehalose of meihua biology formally put into production in commission; the space of profit return will be extended.-乐鱼app下载

china network: trehalose of meihua biology formally put into production in commission; the space of profit return will be extended.

in june 2015, meihua biological trehalose's first product line put on the market.

trehalose is a safe and reliable natural sugars, nature itself is very stable, has a protective effect on a variety of bioactive compounds, in the heat, cold, high osmotic pressure and harsh conditions such as drying forms a protective film on the surface of cells, effectively protect the invariance of inactivation of protein molecules, in the scientific community is known as "sugar of life" in the world.

trehalose in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have broad market prospects. it can makes added of food is easy get "keep just do of state, maintained food fresh degrees" of effect; in medical shang, application seaweed sugar alternative plasma protein as blood products, and vaccine, and lymphocytes, and cell organization, biological activity material of stable agent, can prevent for blood source pollution and caused hepatitis b, and aids, fatal disease of spread; in cosmetics industry, seaweed sugar has better of compatibility sex, and compatible sex, and stability, almost can added to any cosmetics in the.

trehalose is a very promising product, from 2010 to 2014, the global use of trehalose 240,000 tons a year. factors such as the technical and price restrictions, currently the world's only japan forest native and united states kyle by two normal production company, largest production capacity of 100,000 tons, far from satisfying the huge market demand. this year japan forest existing biochemical part patent expires, there will be more manufacturers participated in this competition, at this stage, no doubt, who entered who have the initiative.

in 2013, the trehalose meihua bio set up research and development team. after nearly 2 years of research, testing, had to achieve technological breakthroughs, mature production technology, the product of the index and japan forest existing biochemical level. in june 2015, the formal launch of the test production of trehalose. early phase i capacity 1500 tons/year, depending on market conditions in the future phased expansion plan, 2-3 years capacity of 350,000 tons to fill the global market of trehalose, started a national brand.

meihua bio advent of trehalose, there is no doubt that to further enhance the profitability of listed companies providing space and support. meihua bio-current product mix and profitability, trehalose launch will further improve the existing layout, for improved profit performance, profit or more profitable.

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