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guang ming online (gmw): meihua group announces listing; build leading enterprise of amino acid

march 29, 2011 (gmw) this afternoon, meihua group held a press conference in beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse and announces officially that meihua group has successfully logged in a share capital market (stock code: 600873); meanwhile, they whereby put forward the newest group strategic positioning which is “becoming the world’s leading amino acid enterprise and domesticly leading seasoning enterprise”. meihua group, the “hidden champion” of this industry has formally emerged from the water and appeared in common people’s view.

during the press conference, wang aijun the director and general manager of meihua group, shi weichen the president of china fermentation industry association, wei xiangyun the standing vice-chairman of china condiment industral association are successively made speeches. many center and industry news media attended this conference. part of mei hua superior leaders answered the questions from reporters.

meihua group is a large industrial group mainly dedicated in biological fermentation, with 9 billion yuan of total assets, 13,000 employees and major businesses covers amino acid and seasoning the two fields.

in recent years, amino acid products have come into thousands of households. it is widely applied in food, medicine, feed, new material of environmental protection, health care, daily use chemical and other industries. the human required amino acid categories are totally 20 kinds. at present, 13 kinds of amino acid can be produced with mature fermentation method. meihua group has grasped these production technologies for the 13 kinds of amino acid, including 9 of them have realized industrializing production, 4 of them has realize rd reserves. meihua group is one of the companies with the most amino acid categories, largest output over the world. its products cover food amino acid (monosodium glutamate, nucleotide), medical amino acid (proline, glutamine, isoleucine), feed amino acid (threonine, lysine, tryptophan) and other fields.

the strategic target of meihua group that decides to build amino acid leading enterprise mainly includes following reasons:

on the one hand, relaying on the technical advantages, scale advantage and market advantages formed in the development process, meihua group has become the leader of amino acid industry. in recent three years, meihua group has undertaken more than 10 items of “863” and other national level of science and technology key projects, has obtained more than 20 national patents for invention and built rd laboratories with first-rate level. in 2010, national amino acid industry analysis and detection center was also settled in meihua group. the products of meihua group have sold to more than 50 countries, and the group has established strategic cooperation relations with domestic and overseas well-known enterprises in food, feed and medicine. over the next few years, global amino acid consumption will keep more than 15% of growth rate, with many products reserving, meihua group will continue to lead the development of the amino acid industry.

on the other hand, national policy support will bring wider development space for amino acid industry. in 2010, in the development planning outline of the national “the 12th five-year plan” the government put forward that should strive to develop strategic emerging industry, and the biological industry has become the one of the 7 pivot development fields. therefore, including the amino acid, the biological fermentation industry has wider development space. it is not only act critical function for realizing independent production, balancing import and export, stabilizing household consumption; and also have far-reaching influence for technology upgrading of traditional industries, interactive development of industry and agriculture, constructing of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

meanwhile, relaying on the brand advantages, channel advantages, meihua group will rapidly march into the condiment fields, provide customers with more delicious, healthy and safe condiment, become national leading condiment brand and realize the brand vision “superior mei hua, chinese home flavor”.

“in success, one tries to let others be benefited”, during the rapid development of the corporation, simultaneously meihua group undertakes the social responsibility, through various kinds of routes, devote themselves to social undertakings, repay the society and appreciate the country with enthusiasm and devotion. as a national nation-level “leading enterprises of agriculture modernization”, meihua group has made enormous contribution for local value increment of agricultural product, increasing of farmers' income, rural population employment and has become a critical enterprise to drive local economic development.

under the direction of national “the 12th five-year plan” strategic planning, meihua group will actively respond the national industrial policy, strive to develop new-type amino acid product and green healthy condiment, further enlarge and strengthen the business, build meihua group into a leading amino acid enterprise and condiment enterprise, create profitable return for investors and create beautiful future for customers.

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