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china information news: in amino acids industry, our country is running from great country to powerful country

newspaper news "china has became amino acids products of ' world factory ', main varieties basic complete, glutamic acid production ranked world first, but industry innovation varieties less, products development capacity weak; resources energy consumption big, environment problem compared highlight; process technology relative behind, fermentation produced rate and into rate low, economic low, only by energy and the lower of production cost advantage, to and world amino acids production power competition. "journalists from the 2011 international summit forum on innovation and development of amino acids industry was informed that amino acid industry in china to be solved by accelerating technological innovation, industrial power dreams.

shi weichen, chairman of the china fermentation industry association meeting, noted the amino acid as food, medicines, feed additives, in food industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, as well as human health, health care, cosmetics, has played an increasingly wide range of roles. 2010, china amino acids industrial total over 3 million tons, which bulk amino acids products glutamic acid and salt production up 2.2 million tons, accounted for world total of 70% above, home world first; years gross 48.7 billion yuan, which, new products output up 2.2 billion yuan, is 2009 new products output of 7.6 times; lysine and salt production up more than 700,000 tons, more 2009 growth 16.6%, production home world forefront; su ammonia acid 2010 production up 100,000 tons, 1 time-fold increase from 2009; other pieces of amino acids with high added value increased market demand. at present, the above-scale manufacturer of amino acid industry in china has reached nearly home, annual output of 44.8 billion yuan, profits and taxes of more than 5 billion yuan, has become a product of amino acid "workshop of the world", and occupies a prominent position in the international arena.

but compared with the amino acid industry abroad, obvious product of amino acid industry structure is irrational, main technical indexes behind, high production costs and other issues, away from the true meaning of fermenting powers there is a lot of distance.

is less innovation, product research and development capability is weak. product owns independent intellectual property rights of new amino acid is relatively small, emerging products are relatively low, new additions to industry capacity is weak; equipment automation and low levels of localization, production and there is a gap between technical level with the international advanced level, still needed breakthroughs in key technologies, lack of international competitiveness, innovation capacity-building should be strengthened and enhanced.

second, resource and energy consumption, resource utilization level is not high, and environmental issues more prominent. mainly for raw material utilization is not high, and waste a large amount, depth and resources comprehensive utilization of by-products added value lower, some raw material utilization in developed countries has reached 99%, and the average level in china 95%, energy saving, environmental protection and the gap is still very big in the world.

the third is relatively backward technology, low fermentation rate and conversion rate. many amino acid production enterprises in china, but relatively small, relatively backward technology, many only in the laboratory stage, and cannot be directly translated into productivity.

to this end, the amino acid industry in china must speed up scientific and technological innovation, to reduce energy consumption, improve resource utilization, get rid of environmental constraints for industry development, implemented by the "power" to "strong" in transition.

from china biological fermentation industry association, and united states rice university, and tsinghua university, and nankai university, and tianjin technology university and meihua biological technology group corporation, and angel yeast corporation of experts scholars, and enterprise peer, around "green advanced manufacturing, innovation high-speed development" theme, common exploration amino acids industry in new economy situation xia of new development, on metabolism engineering in amino acids production in the of application, and glutamic acid production bacteria gene group and gene group engineering, and amino acids near infrared technology online detection, and industrial high ammonia-nitrogen waste water treatment technology of amino acid research, production of enhancers in amino acid fermentation, threonine construction of engineering bacteria for an in-depth discussion and exchange.

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