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hexun.com: meihua group cooperated with cola cell phone to break inherent barriers of industry marketing

news and information network now until november 30, 2014, meihua group cola mobile phones through its flagship product, club 99 msg artifact and photographed the small coke, used their superior resources, thorough o2o branded cross-border cooperation.

hexun network learned that meihua group and large coke mobile official site home to hang out "when meihua msg met coke phone" big head figure. people in the industry said, originally unrelated products through cross-border to achieve win-win, get the combination of brand synergy, this marketing model or could break the industry marketing inherent barriers.

meihua said representatives of traditional industries meihua msg large coke with the fashion of transboundary cooperation between mobile phone, is a new way of marketing thought, parties from both the target audience and dissemination channels are fully complementary. the traditional condiment brand, internet gene injection of new blood, so brand gives new vitality; new internet startup companies, broaden the channels of the spread of a more solid, also involving the o2o commercial model has another possible.

it is understood that this event was a group network to test the waters for the first time, is intended to explore new marketing methods, use new media, combined with excellent brand, as a "source of barilla, century health" msg products into youthful vigor.

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