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pullulan series products of our company published on api china trade fair



in may 21-23, 2014, our company took part in the "72th annual china international pharmaceutical material/intermediate/packaging/equipment trade fair"(its abbreviation is api china). the exhibition area covered 50000 square meters had collected the major pharmaceutical from all over the world. meeting and exchanging information with professional promote the popularity of our products; complete the information acquisition of the target customers and promote the cooperation intention.

because of the exhibition is a medical related exhibition, the pullulan business division and pharmaceutical raw materials department took part in this exhibition. may 21 is the first day of the exhibition, and also the day with most exhibition audience. we didn’t arrange too many salesmen while everyone has methodically received each guest, each kind of product was handled by specific controller for talking with the customer and solving the visitors’ questions on application of the technology, ensure the expertise of the communication.

during the exhibition, visiting guests have keen interest in our pullulan and pullulan plant empty capsules. meanwhile the two kinds of new products also took this opportunity to complete the powerful promotion. in the new product release conference, the minister yin play ppt for everybody and explained the application and advantage of pullulan polysaccharides, polysaccharide gum and pullulan plant empty capsules. pullulan polysaccharides was widely recognized in its fresh-keeping effect. pullulan plant empty capsule contains no animal ingredients, so that it satisfy the consumer groups who advocate nature today. its oxygen transmittance is 1/300 of the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose capsule, 1/8 of the gelatin capsules, so that it can protect the capsule contents from oxidation, extend the storage period and provide more space for products distinguishment and brand value promotion. health care products companies and pharmaceutical companies were all interested in this product.

this exhibition also provided us with a communication platform with every large capsule factory, on may 22, minister yin led the sales staff to go to each exhibitors, such as capsule factory, pharmaceutical factory to introduce the polysaccharide capsule, and further discuss and communicate with the capsule factories, pharmaceutical factories to prepare a solid foundation for our product is put into the market and stably developed in the future.

this exhibition not only effectively promoted the meihua brand, but also prepared for the market exploration for new products and also trained the sales team at the same time. after the show we will one by one and customer specific communication, we also communicated with each client and strived to promote cooperation and stable relations of cooperation.

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