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our tongliao company hold green agriculture three new high-end interview and new products release conference


on october 31, 2014, tongliao company convened a “green agriculture three new high-end interviews and new products release conference". tongliao company general manager wang aimin, tongliao green agriculture company leadership team and sales team, china's fertilizer information center director chen li, director of tongliao city soil and fertilizer station gu chengxiang and fertilizer dealers from all over the country, a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting. the meeting also specially invited mr. shen jianhua to preside over who had many years experience in fertilizer production, operation and sales and came from sinoagri holding company limited.

tongliao green agriculture company manager made a speech. he was delighted the leaders and all parties engaged in the fertilizer distribution friends gathered in meihua, jointly witness the meihua green agricultural achievements and starting of the future cooperation and development.

interview segment, the chinese chemical fertilizer information center director chen li carefully analyzed and interpreted chinese fertilizer market for the chemical fertilizer macro environment, chemical fertilizer industry supply system, supply and demand and the market situation and development trend of fertilizer industry. the predecessor of china national chemical information centre (cncic) is a ministry of chemical industry information research institute which is a world's leading chemical research and information consulting service institute. the center belong to china national chemical information centre that is committed to the consulting business for sulfur fertilizers, coal chemical industry, chemical industry, salt chemical, inorganic chemical and other aspects, traced back more than 60 years, belonging to a veteran information institutions of chemical industry, director chen li made a professional, original, scientific and correct exposition.

after the famer expressed the feeling for using of meihua series fertilizer, green agriculture company, head of the sales department introduced fertilizer production operation conditions to the dealers attended the conference, it illustrated: relying on scientific and technological innovation, using three years to build green manure suitable for domestic market demand is the direction for meihua green agriculture. he introduced the meihua launched new products that are rich in n,p, k and various organic matters - bulk blend fertilizer, and with full of confidence to foresee widely applying prospect of the products. depend on the integrated advantage of meihua long industrial chain, he hoped that meihua form the mode for integration of manufacturing and marketing, leads the common development in this field; he encouraged everyone should raise their consciousness of positioning, as long as do not only become a fertilizer dealers, but also be able to lead the industry and the market mainstream.

at the same time, he also announced a series of incentive measures for fertilizer purchasing and sales of the green agriculture company: year-end propaganda one-time cash reward policy; agents accepting the deposit bonus, the agent pay the deposit policy incentives and rewards for years, etc. series of policies greatly encourage the dealers to the order of enthusiasm and confidence, in the following order link; the dealers actively negotiate to make orders. just within half an hour, 4500 tons of bulk blending fertilizer order is existing writings. many dealers have expressed an interest in cooperation with meihua and reached a preliminary long-term cooperation intention in future.

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