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our seasoning company opened dealers conference in 2014




on december 5, 2014, the seasoning company of the national food dealer in full gathered in headquarters of the meihua again after two years "dealer's rear area, the meihua 2015" theme. dealers from all over the country have a plenty of the meihua more than ten years of my old friends, have a plenty of just join meihua the new members of the family for a few months. in three days, my old friends and new members after theme preaching, group discussion, separately after consultation with the company agree on 2015 landing implementation of policies, signed a 2015 contract with confidence, for brand monosodium glutamate 2015 laid a foundation for the completion of the objectives, good blew open.

partition dealer meeting in 2013, 2015, the classification of distributor after the meeting, in 2015 the company held its yearly meeting with "dealer's rear area" as the theme, reflects the many different.

“new”, presided over the meeting and conference, subject to preach most jobs are created in the meihua brand sales team to complete, a new host, a new theme speaker, young face, enterprising spirit to the general assembly brings a fresh air; attending the dealers has more than ten dealers started cooperation in 2014, they come from the vision of the development of the meihua identity and the desire to growing together with the meihua will consolidate the meihua sales channels.

“heart”, this annual meeting is a company with dealers to open up a meeting. at the meeting ,mr.liang detailed introduction meihua group in recent years was introduced in detail, development and development planning, in recent years are reviewed and the dealer friend of the cooperation process, explain the significance of the changes on the meihua r business team; mr.liang after the deep analysis of the current is different from the past, focuses on the "don't forget the beginner's mind", the meihua friends together with our dealers to build channels. dealers to hear mr.liang sincere talk, under will show the firm determination to create channels and completion of various tasks of confidence.

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